FL - Foreign Language

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FL 200 Seminar

FL 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

FL 204 Special Topics

FL 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

FL 299 Directed Study

FL 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

FL 400 Special Topics

FL 400 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

FL 401 MLC International Experience

FL 401 MLC International Experience (1 cr)

Gen Ed: Senior Experience

This course is designed to align with the international experience component required of every French, Spanish, and Modern Language Business major within the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. An international experience includes an 8-to-15 week pre-approved event. Each student participating in the international experience will be required to complete a final project that will showcase their cultural awareness through analytical and critical processes. In addition, every student participating in this course will be required to take the STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) exam to evaluate communicative proficiency.

FL 404 Special Topics

FL 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

FL 498 Internship

FL 498 (s) Internship (cr arr)

FL 499 Directed Study

FL 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)