FOR 200 Seminar

For 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

FOR 203 Workshop

For 203 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

FOR 204 Special Topics

For 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

FOR 210 Winter Harvesting

For 210 Winter Harvesting (1 cr)

This is an introduction to chainsaw safety and operation, precision timber falling, and winter harvesting methods taught as an intermediate-level forestry field practicum during the final week of winter break. All day classes take place on the University of Idaho Experimental Forest. Safety instruction covers methods taught in state and federal land agencies and other popular faller safety programs.

Prereq: Instructor Permission

FOR 221 Ecology

For 221 Ecology (3 cr)

See REM 221.

FOR 235 Society and Natural Resources

For 235 Society and Natural Resources (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Social Science

Same as NRS 235. An exploration of how people use, value, manage, impact, and are affected by natural resources; course emphasizes social and economic realities and political and legal processes in a context of current and historical natural resource issues. Two lectures and one 1-hr small discussion group meeting a week.

FOR 255 Nursery Irrigation and Fertilization

For 255 Nursery Irrigation and Fertilization (1 cr)

An introduction to nursery irrigation and fertilization practices commonly found in forest tree seedling and native plant nurseries. This course aims to provide some of the important theory behind the practices used every day in successful crop production. The course will be taught by faculty and staff at the UI Pitkin Forest Nursery and managed as part of the annual Position Description process. The course is developed and is presently offered online.

FOR 273 Forestry Sampling Methods

For 273 Forestry Sampling Methods (2 cr)

Principles and practice of natural resource inventory, forest sampling and data analysis techniques, LIDAR, forest growth, and quantitative decision support. Lab analysis examples and use of Excel and statistical packages are integrated into lectures. (Fall only)

Coreq: For 274 and Stat 251

FOR 274 Forest Measurement and Inventory

For 274 Forest Measurement and Inventory (3 cr)

Practical techniques for the design and execution of vegetation measurements for the inventory of forests, shrublands, and fire-fuels. Three one-hour lectures and one three-hour lab per week. (Fall only)

Prereq: Math 143; or SAT math score of 610 or above, or ACT math score of 27 or above.

Prereq or Coreq: Math 144

FOR 299 Directed Study

For 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)