NE - Nuclear Engineering

Vivek Utgikar, Interim Program Director (UI Idaho Falls, 1776 Science Center Dr., Idaho Falls, ID 83402; telephone 208/885-6970;

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NE 400 Seminar

NE 400 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

NE 404 Special Topics

NE 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

NE 437 Radiation Effects on Materials

NE J437/J537 Radiation Effects on Materials (3 cr)

See MSE J437/J537.

NE 438 Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials

NE J438/J538 Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials (3 cr)

See MSE J438/J538.

NE 450 Principles of Nuclear Engineering

NE R450 Principles of Nuclear Engineering (3 cr)

Basic nuclear and atomic processes; radioactive decay, binding energy, radiation interactions, reaction cross sections. Neutron diffusion, radiation sources.

Prereq: Math 310, Engr 320, or Permission

NE 498 Internship

NE 498 (s) Internship (cr arr)

NE 499 Directed Study

NE 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

NE 500 Master's Research and Thesis

NE R500 Master's Research and Thesis (cr arr)

NE 501 Seminar

NE R501 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

NE 502 Directed Study

NE 502 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

NE 504 Special Topics

NE 504 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

NE 530 Two-Phase Flow

NE R530 Two Phase Flow (3 cr)

Treatment of fluid mechanics and heat transfer in conjunction with nuclear reactors where two-phase flow problems are found.

Prereq: Permission

NE 533 Monte Carlo Methods

NE R533 Monte Carlo Methods (3 cr)

Applications of the Monte Carlo method to neutron transport calculations from introductory concepts to advanced simulations of criticality in fissile materials.

Prereq: NE 450 or Permission

NE 535 Nuclear Criticality Safety I

NE R535 Nuclear Criticality Safety I (3 cr)

Physics of criticality, factors that affect reactivity, hand calculation techniques, experiments and the development of subcritical limits, criticality accidents, standards and regulations, evaluations.

Prereq: NE 450 or Permission

NE 537 Radiation Effects on Materials

NE 537 Radiation Effects on Materials (3 cr)

See MSE J437/J537.

NE 538 Fundamentals of Nuclear Matrls

NE 538 Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials (3 cr)

See MSE J438/J538.

NE 544 Reactor Analysis - Statics and Kinetics

NE R544 Reactor Analysis - Statics and Kinetics (3 cr)

Behavior of nuclear reactors in steady state and transient conditions. Calculation of varying power conditions, fuel burn-up, coolant perturbations, and other reactor parameters.

Prereq: Permission

NE 554 Radiation Detection and Shielding

NE R554 Radiation Detection and Shielding (3 cr)

Radiation transport and shielding concepts. Methods for quantifying attenuation of nuclear particles and electromagnetic radiation. Radiation detection methods, data acquisition and processing.

Prereq: Math 310 or Permission

NE 555 Nuclear Criticality Safety II

NE R555 Nuclear Criticality Safety II (3 cr)

Applications of criticality safety techniques to facility design and review, requirements for unique isotopes, criticality safety evaluations, connections to nuclear materials management, applications of monte carlo analysis.

Prereq: NE 535 or Permission

NE 565 Reactor Engineering

NE R565 Reactor Engineering (3 cr)

Radiation shielding, materials, instrumentation and controls, separation of stable isotopes, chemical separation and processing, special techniques.

Prereq: Math 480 or Permission

NE 567 Advanced Nuclear Systems and Modeling

NE 567 Advanced Nuclear Systems and Modeling (3 cr)

Comprehensive information about nuclear systems (such as, nuclear steam supply systems, safety systems, etc) and analytical modeling of nuclear systems. Description of reactor technologies (such as, Boiling Water Reactor -BWR- and Pressurized Water Reactor -PWR- systems and corresponding modeling and performance of the systems. Reactor thermal hydraulics models/tools are used to model the systems. Course projects are defined for practicing modeling techniques.

Prereq: NE 565

NE 570 Nuclear Chemical Engineering

NE R570 Nuclear Chemical Engineering (3 cr)

Chemical engineering processes related to the nuclear industry; metals dissolution, solvent extraction, isotope separation, uranium processing and other topics.

Prereq: Permission

NE 575 Advanced Nuclear Power Engineering

NE R575 Advanced Nuclear Power Engineering (3 cr)

Present and advanced nuclear power plant descriptions and analysis. Engineering aspects of converting nuclear fission energy to useful work.

Prereq: Permission

NE 582 Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Disposition

NE R582 Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Disposition (3 cr)

The management of nuclear fuel after removal from a nuclear reactor; storage options, recycle and recovery of uranium and other radionuclides, geological repositories and related topics.

Prereq: Permission

NE 598 Internship

NE 598 (s) Internship (cr arr)

NE 599 Research

NE 599 (s) Research (cr arr)

NE 600 Doctoral Research & Dissertation

NE 600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation (cr arr)