Department of Statistical Science

Christopher Williams, Dept. Chair (415A Carol Ryrie Brink Hall 83844-1104; phone 208/885-2929). Faculty: Erkan O. Buzbas, Raymond Dacey, Brian C. Dennis, Paul Hohenlohe, Timothy R. Johnson, Paul Joyce, Luke Harmon, John J. Lawrence, Stephen S. Lee, Bahman Shafii, Michelle Wiest.

Statistics encompasses course work in designing and analyzing experiments, planning and interpreting surveys, and exploring relationships among variables observed on social, physical, and biological phenomena. The applied nature of the program allows the student to develop data analysis tools for such diverse areas as business and economics, crop and animal production, biological sciences, human behavior, education, engineering, and natural resource management. The statistics program thus supports major programs in other disciplines. Within the Department of Mathematics, a statistics option is available under applied mathematics leading to a baccalaureate degree.

Graduate study in statistics is designed for two types of students. Students whose undergraduate degrees are in subject matter disciplines will prepare for a career involving the application of statistical methods to their particular area of interest. Students with degrees in mathematics, computer science, or similar areas will prepare for a career in technical data analysis, statistical computing, and teaching of introductory-level statistics.

Faculty members in the Department of Statistical Science will be happy to answer questions about specific programs and courses. Such questions can also be addressed to the department chair (Brink 415A; phone 208/885-2929).


See Part 6 for courses in Statistics (STAT).