General Studies

Traci Craig, Director (112 Admin. Bldg.; 208/885-6426); Kristi Overfelt (208/885-2024) and Lexi Schaar (208/885-7765), General Studies Advisors.

The General Studies program serves students in two ways: it is elected by many entering students who wish to examine a number of possible academic options before selecting a major in a traditional discipline, and elected by students who wish to graduate with the BGS degree, having developed a coherent program of study with the aid of their advisor. Students who have declared a major in General Studies, whether to explore academic options or graduate in this curriculum, are strongly encouraged to utilize programs and services offered by the Career Center and the Counseling and Testing Center to assist them in identifying possible career paths and in understanding how their interests may impact on their choice of a degree program at the UI. Students in the General Studies program may transfer to any degree program at any time if they satisfy the grade-point average and curricular requirements of those programs.

Admission to the Program

New students wishing to enroll in the General Studies program may indicate their choice on the application form for admission to the university. Students currently enrolled in one of the colleges of the university may transfer to the program by completing a change of curriculum form.

General Regulations

Students participating in General Studies while exploring their choice of majors are strongly advised to complete courses that meet requirements as described in Regulation J of the General Catalog. At the same time, these students are strongly advised to select elective courses that will give them exposure to various academic programs at the UI. Through satisfaction of requirements as described in Regulation J of the General Catalog, selection of elective courses offering a wide exposure to various UI programs, and utilization of career workshops, career exploration courses, and testing through the Counseling and Testing Center, these students can move efficiently toward a reasoned academic major and career decision. Within their first year of enrollment at the UI as a General Studies major, students are advised to take a career exploration course. Particular attention is paid to identifying critical prerequisite courses so that students are able to enter a major on track for graduation. Students may transfer from General Studies to a new major at any time if they satisfy the prerequisite and grade-point requirements of that major. Students must have at least a 2.00 grade-point average to transfer into many of the university's colleges.