Program in Latin American Studies

Faculty: Ana Alcocer, Justin Barnes, Marta Boris Tarré, Lisa Carlson, Lori Celaya, Irina Kappler-Crookston, Dale T. Graden, Patricia Hart, Florian Justwan, Ashley E. Kerr, Shannon McGowan, Laura Putsche, William L. Smith, and Eric Stueben..

The program in Latin American studies is a multidisciplinary major leading to the B.A. degree. The appeal of this field of study has greatly increased over the last decade, due to the region's growing economic and political importance. A degree in the major is appropriate for employment in many fields, among which are the diplomatic service and overseas business as well as graduate study in various disciplines. Students electing the major will also broaden their awareness of non-Western cultures and history.


See the course description section for courses in Latin-American Studies (LAS).