Program in Organizational Sciences

Richard Reardon, Coordinator (1000 W. Hubbard, Coeur d’Alene 83814-2277; 208/292-2523)

The purpose of this program is to provide leadership training for students interested in a variety of purpose-driven organizations.

Organizational settings, including for-profit businesses, political organizations (e.g., legislative bodies, political parties, PACs), not-for-profit organizations (e.g., health care companies, charities, volunteer agencies), and public and private boards (e.g., boards of education, homeowners associations, church boards), are dynamic entities that rely on skilled leaders to function efficiently and to ensure positive workplace culture and climate. The interdisciplinary program in Organizational Sciences draws from business, industrial/organizational psychology, public administration, industrial sociology, educational leadership and other disciplines to provide students with an understanding of interpersonal workplace dynamics and fundamentals of leadership.

It has become increasingly evident over the last century that many problems in the workplace are the result of relationship failures. Examples of such failures include conflict between managers and employees, conflict between employees and other employees, conflict between groups within organizations, poor communication between organizations and the communities they serve, lack of proper coordination of efforts, lack of proper understanding of worker capabilities and training needs, lack of concern for both employee and manager professional development, and the inability of both managers and employees to understand that organizational success depends on leaders and workers keeping the natural tension between them from becoming destructive.


See the course description section for courses in Organizational Sciences (ORGS).