Program in Women's Studies

Sandra Reineke, Program Director (; Faculty: Katherine G. Aiken, Janice Capel Anderson, Anna Banks, Juliet Carlisle, Traci Craig, Stephan P. Flores, Annette Folwell, Kristin Haltinner, Walter A. Hesford, Ellen E. Kittell, Ryanne Pilgeram, Kacy Pula, Sean Quinlan, Sandra Reineke, Rebecca Scofield, Alexandra Teague, J. Gary Williams.

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to the study of topics concerning women and men, gender and sexuality, feminist theory and research, social history, public health, and women’s and men’s participation in the arts and popular culture. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary program that allows students to develop critical thinking skills in relation to the scholarly pursuit of knowledge about women, men, the history of feminism, and the social construction of cultural variables, such as gender, sexual identity, age, and race and ethnicity. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is an asset in the job market for women and men in both the public and private sectors as women increasingly pursue diverse vocations and careers and find it necessary to examine and to validate their positions as the number of women as supervisors, co-workers, and clients continues to grow. As rigid gender roles become more fluid, men also seek to understand the meaning of these changes for their academic work and lives.


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