COMM - Communication

Todd J. Thorsteinson, Dept. Chair, Dept. of Psychology and Communication Studies (206 Student Health Ctr. 83844-3043; phone 208/885-6324).

COMM 101 Fundamntls Public Speaking

Comm 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2 cr)

Gen Ed: Communication

Skills and techniques of effective speaking.

COMM 111 Introduction to Communication Studies

Comm 111 Introduction to Communication Studies (3 cr)

Introduction to historical and intellectual development of the primary subfields within communication; perspectives on interrelationships among the subfields of interpersonal, small group, visual, and organizational communication; exploration of institutional character and cultural implications of each subfield; build competence as critical consumers of communication content.

COMM 200 Seminar

Comm 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

COMM 203 Workshop

Comm 203 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

May be graded P/F.

Prereq: Permission

COMM 204 Special Topics

Comm 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

COMM 233 Interpersonal Communication

Comm 233 Interpersonal Communication (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Social Science

Communication concepts and skills applied to relationship management; communication process, listening, self-disclosure, perception, conflict.

COMM 299 Directed Study

Comm 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

COMM 332 Communication and the Small Group

Comm 332 Communication and the Small Group (3 cr)

Problem-solving methods; performing as a group leader or as a group member; small group behavior.

COMM 335 Intercultural Communication

Comm 335 Intercultural Communication (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Social Science, International

Survey of current theories and research on intercultural communication; development of critical thinking skills in regard to intercultural interaction and communication styles.

COMM 340 Family Communication

Comm 340 Family Communication (3 cr)

This course provides an overview of family communication theories and applications by examining functional and dysfunctional family communication patterns and relationships, diverse family systems, roles and rules in the family, and power dynamics.

COMM 347 Persuasion

Comm 347 Persuasion (3 cr)

Theory and practice of effective persuasive techniques. Recommended Preparation: Comm 101.

COMM 355 Organizational Communication

Comm 355 Organizational Communication (3 cr)

Overview of current theory and research in organizational communication; examining organizational structure, organizational culture, leadership, organizational change, management systems and power relationships.

COMM 400 Seminar

Comm 400 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

COMM 403 Workshop

Comm 403 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

May be graded P/F.

Prereq: Permission

COMM 404 Special Topics

Comm 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

COMM 410 Conflict Management

Comm 410 Conflict Management (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Social Science

Principles of effective conflict management in various settings; emphasis on styles of conflict, power, goals, strategies and intervention techniques as well as negotiation in the conflict process. Recommended Preparation: Comm 233.

COMM 421 Nonverbal Communication

Comm 421 Nonverbal Communication (3 cr)

Same as The 451. Current theories, research and applied principles of nonverbal communication; in-depth examination of human social and biological development of nonverbal codes, and the role of nonverbal expression in intercultural, interspecies, mediated and organizational contexts.

COMM 431 Applied Business and Professional Communication

Comm 431 Applied Business and Professional Communication (3 cr)

Principles, skills development, and practical applications of public communication within business and other organizational contexts; emphasis on using media for creating business presentations and on the role of effective communication in career management and civic and community development. Recommended Preparation: Comm 101 and 235.

COMM 432 Gender and Communication

Comm 432 Gender and Communication (3 cr)

Gen Ed: American Diversity

The nature of interpersonal communication and gender; identification, interpretation, and analyses of theories that offer explanations of gender and culture in interpersonal interactions. (Alt/yrs)

COMM 455 Communication Research Methods

Comm 455 Communication Research Methods (3 cr)

Aims and methods of quantitative and qualitative communication research.

COMM 456 Nonprofit Fundraising

Comm 456 Nonprofit Fundraising (3 cr) Explores theory and practice of fundraising for nonprofit groups. Surveys public campaigns and communication strategies, fundraising methods, ethics of fundraising, and fundraising leadership/management. Students will develop methods of evaluation for fundraising, and do so by case studies and preparation for fundraising campaigns.

COMM 491 Communication and Aging

Comm 491 Communication and Aging (3 cr)

Gen Ed: American Diversity

A communication perspective is adopted to examine the aging process and the ability of individuals to successfully adapt to aging; issues addressed are theory, research and factors associated with communication and aging.

COMM 492 Dark Side of Communication

Comm 492 Dark Side of Communication (3 cr)

Interdisciplinary study of how individuals cope with difficult, problematic, distressing, and disruptive social interaction. Topics included are the 'hidden and forbidden' aspects of personal relationships that are often neglected by social scientists. Recommended Preparation: Comm 233.

COMM 494 Research Experience

Comm 494 (s) Research Experience (cr arr)

Supervised experience in conducting communication studies research. Available topics vary depending on current faculty research interests.

Prereq: Permission

COMM 497 Practicum in Instruction

Comm 497 (s) Practicum in Instruction (1-3 cr, max 6)

Tutoring and/or instructional services performed by advanced students under faculty supervision.

Prereq: Permission

COMM 498 Internship

Comm 498 (s) Internship (1-3 cr, max arr)

Graded P (pass)/ F (fail).

Prereq: Permission

COMM 499 Directed Study

Comm 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)