CS 204 Special Topics

CS 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

CS 210 Programming Languages

CS 210 Programming Languages (3 cr)

Major features of good programming languages, with primary emphasis on language features and their role in writing good software; programming language design alternatives; various types of languages, including procedure, data-flow, functional, and object-oriented languages.

Prereq: CS 121

CS 240 Computer Operating Systems

CS 240 Computer Operating Systems (3 cr)

Overview of operating systems, Operating system principles, Concurrency, Scheduling and dispatch, Memory management, Introduction to net-centric computing, OS security. Process management. Concurrent programming using threads.

Prereq: CS 121 and 150

Coreq: CS 270

CS 270 System Software

CS 270 System Software (3 cr)

Programming productivity tools such as make. Debugging tools. Linking and loading. Shell programming and scripting languages. Process management and interprocess communication. Exception handling. Network concepts and network programming.

Prereq: CS 121

CS 299 Directed Study

CS 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)