DAN - Dance

Philip W. Scruggs, Dept. Chair, Dept. of Movement Sciences (101 Phys. Ed. Bldg. 83844-2401; phone 208/885-7921).

DAN 100 Dance in Society

Dan 100 Dance in Society (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Humanities

Introduction to dance as an art form, as entertainment, and as a lifelong activity; emphasis on appreciation and understanding of movement as an expression of human values, genres and historical styles, factors affecting change, current issues.

DAN 101 Dance Seminar

Dan 101 Dance Seminar (1 cr)

Introductory seminar course supports student transitions to dance at the university level. (Fall Only)

Prereq: Major or minor in Dance

DAN 105 Dance

Dan 105 (s) Dance (1 cr, max arr)

Non-major and non-minor dance classes: modern, ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, and a variety of social dance (ballroom, Latin dance, swing, country western, etc.). Intermediate and advanced level students take placement session to determine the correct technique level. Two hrs per wk. Graded Pass/Fail.

DAN 200 Seminar

Dan 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

DAN 203 Workshop

Dan 203 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

DAN 204 Special Topics

Dan 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

DAN 210 Dance Performance

Dan 210 Dance Performance (1-2 cr, max 12)

Open to all students by audition. Performance in advanced student choreography in formal performance; Choreography Lab (fall alt.) and Dancers, Drummers, Dreamers (spring). Dance styles may include modern, jazz, ballet, tap. Company class plus additional weekly rehearsals and production tasks lead to performance. Variable credit dependent on number of choreographic work commitments, maximum of 2 works (1 cr per work). See class schedule for audition dates. Recommended Preparation: dance experience.

Coreq: Dan 105 or Dan 216 or Dan 416

DAN 211 Dance Conditioning

Dan 211 Dance Conditioning (1 cr)
Learn and apply current conditioning and cross-training tools and practices designed to support the training of the 21st century dancer. Students can expect to learn more about the dancing body with anatomical references, individuals needs to support a long and healthy dance career, general fitness components, and current trends in dance conditioning.

DAN 216 Technique

Dan 216 (s) Techniques (1 cr, max arr)

For majors and minors. Theory and techniques in ballet, modern, jazz, and other idioms. Intermediate and advanced level students take placement session to determine the correct level. Two to three hrs a wk.

DAN 284 Dance Improvisation

Dan 284 Dance Improvisation (1 cr)

Exploration of movement potential through creative play and spontaneous problem solving. Course designed to enhance self-awareness and ability to react and make choices. Emphasizes improvisation as a mode of performance and as a tool for dance movement creation. Open to all students.

DAN 299 Directed Study

Dan 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

DAN 321 Dance Pedagogy

Dan 321 Dance Pedagogy (3 cr)

Learning styles, teaching styles, and behaviors as they affect teaching and learning in dance; science of dance training.(Alt/yrs)

DAN 324 Integrated Movement Practices

Dan J324/J524 Integrated Movement Practices (3 cr)

This course aims to enhance anatomical knowledge and experiential understanding of the body with specific applications to dance and other movement practices. Anatomical terminology will be studied and applied to movement explorations in the dance studio laboratory setting, frequently utilizing methodologies found in somatic practices. Students will be expected to engage deeply and personally with course material. Those taking the course for graduate credit will be expected to complete an additional specialized research paper and presentation. (Alt/yrs)

DAN 360 Teaching Creative Dance for Children

Dan 360 Teaching Creative Dance for Children (1 cr)

Basic principles and techniques rooted in developmental movement patterns for teaching dance in early childhood through middle school age children and integrating creative movement and dance into the curriculum and other course subjects; emphasis on content, methods, and resource material. As a service learning based course, students will complete a practicum project in the local school district. Lecture and lab are integrated in class, once a week.

Prereq: EDCI 301 or MVSC 201 or permission

Coreq: EDCI 320 and EDCI 322 and EDCI 325 and EDCI 409; or permission

DAN 384 Dance Composition I

Dan J384/J584 Dance Composition I (3 cr)

Study of fundamental elements of dance composition and application of improvisation skills to movement creation. Additional movement research projects/assignments for graduate students will be individually directed and determined with instructor guidance. Majors and minors have priority, non-majors/minors may take the course by instructor permission. (Spring only)

Prereq: Dan 284

DAN 385 Dance Composition II

Dan 385 Dance Composition II (3 cr)

Intermediate to advanced exploration of choreographic procedures and performance. (Fall, Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Dan 284 and Dan 384

DAN 400 Seminar

Dan 400 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

DAN 403 Workshop

Dan 403 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

DAN 404 Special Topics

Dan 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

DAN 410 Pre-professional Dance Performance

Dan 410 Pre-professional Dance Performance (1-3 cr, max 12)

All students may audition for faculty choreographed and formally produced work; casting priority given to majors and minors. Focus is placed on involvement in the rehearsal and choreographic process. Regular weekly rehearsals required in addition to involvement in company production needs and technical rehearsals. Variable credit dependent on number of choreographic work commitments, maximum of 3 works (1 cr per work). See class schedule for audition dates.

Prereq: Two semesters of Dan 210; or Permission

Coreq: Minimum of two Dan 216 or Dan 416 courses

DAN 412 Choreography Lab

Dan 412 Choreography Lab (2 cr, max 6)

Independent work on advanced levels of choreography leading to formally produced concerts. Develop and refine practical skills as well as personal approaches to choreographic process. Practice leadership in rehearsal direction and production management (Every Spring; Fall Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Dan 284 and Dan 384 and Dan 385

DAN 416 Advanced Technique

Dan 416 (s) Advanced Technique (1 cr, max arr)

For majors and minors. Advanced techniques and theory in ballet, modern, jazz, and other idioms. Two to three hrs a wk in preprofessional technique classes.

DAN 421 Dance History and Contemporary Views

Dan J421/J521 Dance History and Contemporary Views (3 cr)

Development of dance as a performing art from lineage-based to contemporary styles building upon course topics covered in Dance in Society, Dan 100. Emphasis will be placed on 20th and 21st century developments in dance with a focus on ballet and modern. Students registering for graduate credit are required to complete additional research paper make two substantial presentations synthesizing overriding concepts within a historical concept. (Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Dan 100

DAN 422 Labanalysis

Dan J422/J522 Labanalysis (3 cr)

An exploration of movement concepts based on Rudolf Laban¿s principles of Efforts, Shape, and Space. Additional projects/assignments will be included for graduate students. (Spring, Alt/yrs)

DAN 490 Senior Project

Dan 490 Senior Project (2 cr)

Open-ended projects representing the capstone of the student's work, consistent with the chosen emphasis within the dance degree (e.g., concerts of original work, a major choreographic work, major performance, teaching or research projects).

Prereq: Senior standing and Major in Dance

DAN 495 Practicum In Tutoring

Dan 495 (s) Practicum in Tutoring (1 cr, max 2)

Tutorial services performed by advanced students under faculty supervision. Graded P/F. Prereq: perm.

DAN 499 Directed Study

Dan 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

DAN 502 Directed Study

DAN 503 Workshop

DAN 504 Special Topics

DAN 505 Professional Development

DAN 521 Dance History and Contemporary Views

Dan 521 Dance History and Contemporary Views (3 cr)

See DAN 421.

DAN 522 Labanalysis

Dan 522 Labanalysis (3 cr)

See Dan J422/J522.

DAN 524 Integrated Movement Practices

Dan 524 Integrated Movement Practices (3 cr)

See Dan J324/J524.

DAN 584 Dance Composition I

Dan 584 Dance Composition I (3 cr)

See Dan J384/J584.