HYDR - Hydrology

Leslie Baker, Dept. Chair, Dept. of Geological Sciences (322 Mines Bldg. 83844-3022; phone 208/885-6192).

HYDR 404 Special Topics

HYDR 409 Quantitative Hydrogeology

Hydr J409/J509 Quantitative Hydrogeology (3 cr)

A rigorous introduction to the description of flow in porous media; the basic equations of potential flow theory as they relate to ground water problems, with application to common engineering problems encountered by hydrogeologists and engineers; dimensional analysis, properties assignment, and heterogeneous systems. For graduate credit additional reading, presentations, and/or written reports of assigned literature required.

Prereq: Math 275, Stat 251 or 301

HYDR 412 Environmental Hydrogeology

Hydr J412/J512 Environmental Hydrogeology (3 cr)

Methods of hydrogeologic site characterization for the delineation of environmental problems. For graduate credit, students are required to complete an additional independent research paper.

Prereq: Geol 309

HYDR 414 Ground Water-Surface Water Interactions

Hydr J414-J514 Ground Water-Surface Water Interaction (3 cr)

Physical and chemical ramifications of interactions between ground water flow systems and surface water bodies. Particular emphasis will be placed on water supply and surface water/ground water contamination issues. Graduate credit requires completion of an additional, separate research paper on a selected topic. (Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Geol 309 or Hydr 409

HYDR 496 Hydrogeology Senior Thesis

Hydr 496 Hydrogeology Senior Thesis (3 cr)

Completion of original research and report. Course is taken over two semesters; first semester is graded IP until completion of second semester.

Prereq: Geol 309 or Hydr 409/509 and Geol 410

HYDR 499 Directed Study

HYDR 500 Master's Research and Thesis

Hydr 500 Master's Research and Thesis (cr arr)

HYDR 501 Seminar

Hydr 501 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

Graded P/F.

Prereq: Permission

HYDR 502 Directed Study

Hydr 502 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

HYDR 503 Workshop

Hydr 503 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

HYDR 504 Special Topics

HYDR 509 Quantitative Hydrogeology

Hydr 509 Quantitative Hydrogeology (3 cr)

See Hydr J409/J509.

HYDR 512 Environmental Hydrogeology

Hydr 512 Environmental Hydrogeology (3 cr)

See Hydr J412/J512.

HYDR 514 Ground-Surface Water Interctns

Hydr 514 Ground Water-Surface Water Interaction (3 cr)

See Hydr J414/J514.

HYDR 568 Aquifer Test Design and Analysis

Hydr J468/J568 Aquifer Test Design and Analysis (3 cr)

Analysis of single and multiple well aquifer tests in a range of hydrogeologic environments. Additional projects/assignments required for graduate credit.

HYDR 576 Fundamentals of Modeling Hydrogeologic Systems

Hydr 576 Fundamentals of Modeling Hydrogeologic Systems (3 cr)

Development and application of models representing physical systems, with particular emphasis on ground water flow. Development and solution of the basic equations of potential flow will be covered, along with their assumptions and limitations. Properties assignment, parameter sensitivity, and dimensional analysis will also be discussed. The course will emphasize when modeling is appropriate, how to design a model, and how properties should be selected to achieve meaningful results.

Prereq: Math 275 or Permission

HYDR 598 Internship

Hydr 598 (s) Internship (cr arr)

HYDR 599 Research

Hydr 599 (s) Non-thesis Master's Research (cr arr)

Research not directly related to a thesis or dissertation.

Prereq: Permission