MKTG - Marketing

Scott K. Metlen, Dept. Head, Dept. of Business (225A J. A. Albertson Bldg. 83844-3161; phone 208/885-6295;

MKTG 204 Special Topics

Mktg 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

MKTG 298 Internship

Mktg 298 (s) Internship (1-3 cr, max 6)

MKTG 299 Directed Study

Mktg 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

MKTG 321 Marketing

Mktg 321 Marketing (3 cr)

Explores marketing as an integrating function of the firm. Includes the study of product, price, place, and promotions in the creation of customer value, international marketing, and the roles of corporate social responsibility and ethics in marketing decision making. May involve evening exams.

MKTG 324 Consumer Behavior

Mktg 324 Consumer Behavior (3 cr)

Behavioral science theories, concepts, and methods applied to the understanding and prediction of consumer behavior, including industrial buyer behavior; emphasis on structuring marketing policy to fulfill consumer requirements. May involve evening exams.

Prereq or Coreq: Mktg 321

MKTG 398 Internship

Mktg 398 (s) Internship (1-3 cr, max 6)

MKTG 404 Special Topics

Mktg 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

MKTG 420 Integrated Marketing Communications

Mktg 420 Integrated Marketing Communications (3 cr)

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) from a marketing strategy perspective. Application of the IMC planning process and examination of the role of integration to create consistency of strategy using traditional promotion elements (advertising, public relations, sales promotion, reseller support, personal selling) and new media. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 421 Marketing Research & Analysis

Mktg 421 Marketing Research and Analysis (3 cr)

Applied research focusing on marketing information needs for managerial decision making; includes research design, data collection methods, statistical analysis, and use of marketing information systems to forecast market and sales potential, measure effectiveness of promotions, and analyze new products and distribution of goods and services. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Stat 251 or Stat 301; and Mktg 321

MKTG 422 Personal Selling and Sales Force Management

Mktg 422 Personal Selling and Sales Force Management (3 cr)

Personal Selling including prospecting, approaching customers, consultative sales presentations, closing techniques, and servicing the sale. Sales Management including recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, motivating, supervising, and directing selling efforts. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 424 Pricing Strategy and Tactics

Mktg 424 Pricing Strategy and Tactics (3 cr)

Formulation of pricing strategies and tactics for new and existing products and services; survey of pricing dynamics; competitor response to pricing strategies at the firm and product level; assessment of buyer price sensitivity.

Prereq: Mktg 321, and Econ 202 or 272

MKTG 425 Retail Distribution Mgmnt

Mktg 425 Retail Distribution Management (3 cr)

Analysis of retail operations including location, market selection, capital and physical requirements, store layout, merchandise management, customer relations, channel structure, and channel member relations. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 426 Marketing Channels Management

Mktg 426 Marketing Channels Management (3 cr)

Analysis of planning, organization, and control issues related to distribution of goods and services; topics include retail and wholesale institutions, channel member behavior patterns, and vertical marketing systems.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 427 Services Marketing

Mktg 427 Services Marketing (3 cr)

Survey of concepts addressing distinctive marketing problems and opportunities in service industries, as well as current issues and trends in the service sector; includes discussion of strategies for marketing services, emphasizing the distinctive challenges and approaches that make the marketing of services different from marketing manufactured goods. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 428 Marketing Management

Mktg 428 Marketing Management (3 cr)

Discussion of major marketing management functions, including market and environmental analysis, as well as marketing planning, strategy, implementation, and control concepts; special emphasis on application of such concepts by developing a marketing plan that identifies market opportunities and proposes relevant marketing programs for a given case study. May involve evening exams.

Prereq: Mktg 324, 421, and one Tier 1 marketing elective

MKTG 431 Marketing Analytics

Mktg 431 Marketing Analytics (3 cr)

Marketing Analytics is concerned with concepts, tools, methods, and applications of modeling and decision making to address important marketing issues such as pricing, segmentation, positioning, market forecasting, new product management and development, sales force management, and promotion planning. The course is aimed at providing students with analytic and interpretive skills needed to make intelligent and critical use of marketing data.
Prereq: Mktg 421

Coreq: Stat 431

MKTG 482 International Marketing

Mktg 482 International Marketing (3 cr)

Foreign market operations; economic, cultural, and political aspects of international markets and how they interact with the marketing mix.

Prereq: Mktg 321

MKTG 495 Product Development and Brand Management

Mktg 495 Product Development and Brand Management (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Senior Experience

Same as RMat 495. This course examines product development strategy and the management of brands. Topics will include strategic intent of product development, the process of product development (ideation through post product launch evaluation), market and financial feasibility of product development, trends in product development, and managing brands (strategic brand management and managing brand equity).

Prereq: Econ 201, 202, or 272; and Bus 321

Coreq: Bus 321

MKTG 498 Internship

Mktg 498 (s) Internship (1-3 cr, max 6)

MKTG 499 Directed Study

Mktg 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)