PLSC 400 Seminar

PlSc 400 (s) Seminar (1 cr)

PLSC 401 Plant Physiology

PlSc 401 Plant Physiology (3 cr)

Application of physiological principles to the management of plants in agronomic, horticultural and forest systems. (Spring, alt even/yrs)

Prereq: PlSc 205

PLSC 402 Undergraduate Research in Plant Science

PlSc 402 Undergraduate Research in Plant Science (1-6 cr, max 6)

This course offers credits to students interested in gaining first-hand experience in today's plant research. Each student will acquire research skills by conducting laboratory or field research on a well-defined topic agreed to by the student and by a faculty supervisor. Students must receive permission from that supervisor prior to enrolling. This course is open to all undergraduates, and may be taken multiple times.

Prereq: PlSc 205

PLSC 404 Special Topics

PlSc 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

PLSC 405 Professional Development

PLSC 407 Field Crop Production

PlSc 407 Field Crop Production (3 cr)

Management and use of crops in Idaho and the Northwest.

PLSC 408 Cereal Science

PlSc 408 Cereal Science (3 cr)

Crop history and biology of major cereal crops, emphasizing cool season cereals. Recommended Preparation: Biol 115.

PLSC 410 Invasive Plant Biology

PlSc J410/J510 Invasive Plant Biology (3 cr)

Biology, ecology, and physiology of weeds with emphasis on crop and weed interactions. Requirements for grad cr include comprehensive term paper and class presentation on weed-crop interaction. Two lec and one 3-hr lab a wk. PlSc 410 is a cooperative course available to WSU degree-seeking students. (Alt/yrs)

PLSC 415 Plant Pathology

PlSc 415 Plant Pathology (3 cr)

Biology of diseases and disorders of crop, forest, and ornamental plants, with emphasis on plant-microbe interactions and on disease cause, development, diagnosis, and control. Three 1-hr lectures. (Fall only)

Prereq: Biol 154 and Biol 155; or Biol 250; and PlSc 102; or Permission

PLSC 419 Plant Community Restoration Methods

PLSC 419 Plant Community Restoration Methods (2 cr)

Students will participate in classroom discussions surrounding topics that are important to modification and implementation of a restoration plan. Students will also participate in practical, hands-on activities during laboratory periods. Those activities include operation of equipment for cultivation and seeding, calibration of herbicide sprayers, calibration of drills, transplanting techniques, monitoring and evaluation of restoration projects and visits to restoration projects.

Prereq: REM 221, equivalent or permission

PLSC 433 Plant Tissue Culture Techniques

PlSc J433/J533 Plant Tissue Culture Techniques (3 cr)

Laboratory-oriented course involving tissue culture techniques with an emphasis on regenerating herbaceous and woody plant species from organs or tissues. Requirements for grad cr include completion of a special project and report. One lec and 5 hrs of lab a wk. Recommended Preparation: PlSc 202. PlSc 533 is a cooperative course available to WSU degree-seeking students. (Alt/yrs)

PLSC 438 Pesticides in the Environment

PlSc 438 Pesticides in the Environment (3 cr)

Gen Ed: Senior Experience Same as Ent and Soil 438. Principles of pesticide fate in soil, water, and air; pesticide metabolism in plants, pesticide toxicology, and pesticide mode-mechanism of action; pest resistance to pesticides; biotechnology in pest control; regulations and liability; equipment application technology; pesticide transport, storage, and disposal; and social and ethical considerations. Recommended Preparation: Chem 275.

PLSC 440 Advanced Laboratory Techniques

PlSc 440 Advanced Laboratory Techniques (4 cr)

Same as Gene 440. Intensive hypothesis-driven laboratory course that will prepare the student for research in molecular biology; emphasis on areas of microbial physiology, microbial genetics, immunology, and pathogenic microbiology. (Spring only)

Prereq: Biol 250

PLSC 446 Plant Breeding

PlSc J446/J546 Plant Breeding (3 cr)

Application of genetic principles to improvement of crop plants. Grad students reqd to complete additional term paper. PlSc 546 is a cooperative course available to WSU degree-seeking students. (Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Gene 314 or Equivalent

PLSC 451 Vegetable Crops

PlSc J451/J551 Vegetable Crops (3 cr)

Production, physiology, storage, and marketing of major and minor vegetable, herb, and spice crops from a worldwide perspective. Recommended preparation: PlSc 201, PlSc 205, PlSc 300 or equivalents. This is a cooperative course available to WSU degree-seeking students.

Prereq: PlSc 102 or equivalent

PLSC 464 Landscape Maintenance

PlSc 464 Landscape Maintenance (3 cr)

Use and culture of landscape plants to enhance the environment. Two lec and one 2-hr lab a wk; one 1-day field trip. Recommended Preparation: Soil 205 and LArc 288. (Alt/yrs)

Prereq: PlSc 102 or Biol 213 or Permission

PLSC 476 Cell Biology

PlSc J476/J576 Cell Biology (3 cr)

Introduction to the organization and function of the major components of the eukaryotic cell; emphasis on the composition of cells, the structures and assembly processes of molecules that make up cells, diversity of cell types found in multicellular organisms, and how common interacting processes are coordinately controlled. Extra oral and/or written assignments reqd for graduate credit. (Spring, Alt/yrs)

Prereq: Biol 115 and either Biol 300 or Biol 380

PLSC 480 Field Trip

PlSc 480 Field Trip (1 cr, max 3)

Three-day field trip to production areas.

Prereq: Permission

PLSC 486 Plant Biochemistry

PlSc J486/J586 Plant Biochemistry (3 cr)

An in-depth introduction to metabolic processes carried out by plants, some fungi, and some alga with emphasis on cell wall synthesis, hormone synthesis, and photosynthesis. Extra oral and/or written assignments reqd for grad cr. (Spring, alt/years)

Prereq: Biol 300 or Biol 380

PLSC 488 Genetic Engineering

PlSc J488/J588 Genetic Engineering (3 cr)

Same as Gene J488/J588. Techniques and theory underlying practical genetic modifications of plants, microbes, and animals. Extra oral and/or written assignments required for graduate credit. Recommended Preparation: Biol 380. (Fall only)

Prereq: Gene 314 or Biol 310

PLSC 490 Potato Science

PlSc J490/J590 Potato Science (3 cr)

History, botanical characteristics, seed physiology and production, plant population, physiology of growth, and pest management; factors influencing maturation, harvest, yield, grade, bruise control, storage, and quality maintenance; economics of production and research on a global basis. Requirements for graduate credit include comprehensive term paper and class presentation on selected topic. Cooperative: open to WSU degree-seeking students.

PLSC 498 Internship

PLSC 499 Directed Study

PlSc 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)