PLSC 500 Master's Research and Thesis

PlSc 500 Master's Research and Thesis (cr arr)

PLSC 501 Seminar

PlSc 501 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

PLSC 502 Directed Study

PlSc 502 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

PLSC 503 Workshop

PLSC 504 Special Topics

PlSc 504 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

PLSC 505 Professional Development

PLSC 510 Invasive Plant Biology

PlSc 510 Invasive Plant Biology (3 cr)

See PlSc J410/J510.

PLSC 533 Plant Tissue Culture Techniques

PlSc 533 Plant Tissue Culture Techniques (3 cr)

See PlSc J433/J533.

PLSC 542 Biochemistry

PlSc 542 Biochemistry (3 cr)

Max 7 cr in any combination of Biol 380, PlSc 542, and Biol 554. Intermediate biochemistry; intro to metabolism and the chemical and physical properties of biomolecules. (Fall only)

Prereq: Chem 372; Biol 380 or Coreq: Chem 302 or 306; or Permission

PLSC 546 Plant Breeding

PlSc 546 Plant Breeding (3 cr)

See PlSc J446/J546.

PLSC 547 Biometrics for Plant Scientists

PlSc 547 Biometrics for Plant Scientists (3 cr)

Use of biometrical techniques in research with particular emphasis on designing, analyzing, and interpreting agricultural and biological experiments; application of statistical methods to biological experiments and problems that may be encountered when applying these techniques to biological systems. Cooperative: open to WSU degree-seeking students. (Alt/yrs)

Prereq: PlSc 102 and Stat 431 or Equivalent

PLSC 551 Vegetable Crops

PlSc 551 Vegetable Crops (3 cr)

See PlSc J451/J551.

PLSC 576 Cell Biology

PlSc 576 Cell Biology (3 cr)

See PlSc J475/J575.

PLSC 586 Plant Biochemistry

PlSc 586 Plant Biochemistry (3 cr)

See PlSc J486/J586.

PLSC 588 Genetic Engineering

PlSc 588 Genetic Engineering (3 cr)

See PlSc J488/J588.

PLSC 590 Potato Science

PlSc 590 Potato Science (3 cr)

See PlSc J490/J590.

PLSC 597 Practicum

PlSc 597 (s) Practicum (cr arr)

PLSC 598 Internship

PlSc 598 (s) Internship (cr arr)

PLSC 599 Research

PlSc 599 (s) Non-thesis Master's Research (cr arr)

Research not directly related to a thesis or dissertation.

Prereq: Permission