Course Delivery and Services

Online Course Delivery. ISI students receive a Registration Confirmation Email which includes the student’s Vandal number and information on how to activate Vandal Accounts to access ISI courses online. ISI courses are delivered online through BbLearn (Blackboard Learn) learning management system.

VandalMail. A VandalMail email account will be assigned upon registration. All ISI students are required to activate and use their VandalMail email account for ISI course-related correspondence or set up email forwarding from VandalMail to another email.

Exams and Proctors. Most ISI courses require completion of a specific number of proctored exams which are delivered in hard copy format. Students are responsible for finding an acceptable proctor. View complete information concerning proctors and submit a Proctor Information Form.

Disability Support Services. To request disability-related services, visit the course sponsoring insitution's website. Refer to

Library Services. University of Idaho library resources are available to ISI students, including electronic journal databases and eBook collections. ISI students who are Idaho residents and non-residents who live within a 50 mile radius of the UI may visit the library to obtain a guest card. All ISI students may contact their local library for information about borrowing materials through interlibrary loan. For more information see Library Resources.